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Help for Parents of Troubled Teenagers


What are the signs of a Troubled Teenager?
What are the warning signs you should be looking out for? Is your teenager heading down a dangerous path? Are you overreacting?


Advice for parents of Troubled Teens
If you are a parent with a troubled teenager then most likely you know what it means to be confused. Dealing with a troubled teen can definitely be a struggle but it isn't a struggle that you can't survive.


Discipline and Rules
As a responsible, concerned parent, what do you do when rules are broken and the consequences don't work?


Does your home feel like a Battle Ground?
What must a parent do when their defiant teen is the one ruling the house instead of them?


Substance Abuse and Teenage Drug use
There are a variety of substances (legal and illegal) available to teenagers today. What to do if you think your teen is using drugs


Talking to your teenager about sex
Adolescence may be a trying time for you and your unruly teenager. It's important that you talk to them about their personal development, sexuality and practising safe sex.


Mental Health Issues
Mental health problems can strike anyone at anytime.The onset of a range of mental disorders and mental health related problems will often occur during adolescence.


Boot camps for Troubled Teenagers
Different types of boot camps are available for your troubled teen. They may be run privately or by the state, but in both cases they tackle physical and mental trials for your child.


Boarding Schools
In cases where a parent decides that a defiant teen needs an urgent change of atmosphere in order to put a stop to self-destructive behavior, a boarding school may be the answer.


Wilderness Programs
Most conventional wilderness programs are based on the idea of using exploration to encourage a teenager's growth. The environment calls for the use of one's vital abilities in survival.


Therapy Options
In the approaches for treating troubled teens, psychotherapy may be considered very important.

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